Monday, 30 January 2012

Hatched, matched and despatched


Congratulations to my fellow Hawk and sometime dubSteps contributor Adam Cole and his wife for their production of a new member for the London Branch. Now we number three, albeit with one of us as yet unaware of the fact. In years to come young Sam Cole may well look back on these early years envying the blissful ignorance enjoyed by his younger self.

I am sure Adam held up his handsome lad on his birthday and said, "I support Havant & Waterlooville, son. One day all of this disappointment could be yours".

Matched (well, linked anyway)

If you enjoy the style of the postings here, and need something to read in those weeks when we aren't in a position to post anything new, you might like to try View from the West Stand, a nicely irreverent blog about my local Football League club up here in east London, Leyton Orient.


The Hawk Supporters' Guild (Korean Branch), Young Adrian, also responsible for the occasional guest article on his many travels, has returned to the Far East after seeing two draws (one turgid, one entertaining) against two of the sides in the Conf South relegation zone during his visit. 'Twas nice to see him and hear his stories from a life teaching English as a foreign language, but one can understand why he'll be quite happy to bid us farewell and get back to watching his current 'locals' Busan Transportation Corporation FC.

Apparently one of Adrian's colleagues in Busan often gets a "Gimme a 'B'..." chant/spelling bee going, whilst Adrian himself has been known to don the club's mascot costume (a kind of 'Thomas the Bullet Train Engine' effort) and thus, for services to ridiculous terrace endeavour, I doff my cap to them.

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