Sunday, 22 November 2009

hobo in my pocket #30

Kentish Town 1 Wellingborough Town 1

FA Cup Extra Preliminary Round
Copthall Stadium, Holders Hill
att. 179

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17aug08: Kentish Town 1 Wellingborough Town 1

Hobo in my pocket 30

from the Vanity Project archive (issue #17 - February 2006)

The Research.
Liverpool Barfly Loft. 17jan06

“I love you, but I’m afraid I’ll fuck it up”. This lyric speak volumes when trying to sum up The Research. Haphazard, reticent, joyous, they are like schmindie’s answer to both Kid Carpet and 60’s punk. That tune in particular takes their central David O’Doherty-like tweeness and fans it into apastel-toned psychedelic swirl. Beyond the lo-fi wrangling of a cheap Casio, what appears their gimmick at face value, is their real deal: the harmonies, particularly when the two ladies supply a Shangri-La shimmer should be their calling card along with the courteous drum-beats and garage basslines.

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