Monday, 3 August 2009

Montrose 1 Annan Athletic 1

Scottish League Division Three
Links Park, Montrose
att. 427

Hobo in my pocket #28

As usual in August, I'm in Scotland on holiday. As such, it seems appropriate to fill this week with a picture from last year's trip. Words and pics from, all being well, a Highland League game whilst I'm in Inverness, and possibly the big Edinburgh derby (City vs University, of course) whilst I gad about the Edinburgh fest, should appear here in the next few weeks.

Previously, on Dub Steps
23aug08: Montrose 1 Annan Athletic 1

from the Vanity Project archive (issue #1 - April 2002)

Andrew W.K.
Portsmouth Pyramids. 08feb02.

Andrew WK is making his reputation as the regular gig-goers cannon fodder of choice. Within seconds of his entrance a deluge of plastic vessels cascade onto the 'K and his band of troubadours who have clearly seen it all before. What follows is a musical Groundhog Day of songs with no discernible uniqueness but that offer a distinct polarity. If you can forget the hype, have a drink or two and appreciate the opportunity to throw yerself about with the kind of wild-abandon not seen since your cider-drinking teenage years, then it is quite easy to get consumed by our sweaty hero. Otherwise you're shaking hands with the exit door. The glass throwing suggests disapproval, but it is uncommon in fairground duck shooting to harbour any particular malice towards the target birds. It is not impossible to resist that carnival element of Andrew WK's thunderous sound, but its far more fun if you don't.

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