Monday, 18 May 2009

Cambridge University Blues 4 Territorial Army 0

Grange Road, Cambridge
att. 10 (approx.)

Hobo in my pocket #26

To begin a theme of postings centred around the words Cambridge and University, a shot from last years Sunday morning friendly with the Territorial Army XI, a game played as a warm-up to the 124th Varsity clash at Craven Cottage.

Words and pictures from the 125th will appear here next week.

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24feb08: Cambridge University Blues 4 Territorial Army 0

from the Vanity Project archive

the first two Bearsuit albums, from issues #9 (April 2004) and #16 (October 2005) respectively

Bearsuit - Cat Spectacular (Fortuna Pop)
Like with all treats, this has been well worth waiting for. This LP is everything we could have expected and more. Last year's 'Jesus Will Spear You Through The Heart' EP, whilst very good, hinted that they might be starting to lose their precision in making ramshackle their friend in POP, instead creating a less intriguing, unholy mess of a sound. No need to fear as this LP sees them adopt a noticeably softer bent. Do not however be lulled into a false sense of security, as through the twee-pop undergrowth, they continue to lurk ready to pounce with their death metal elephant gun. Should you come across them, do not, repeat, do not be taken in by their cuteness of their countenance, they would not hesitate to garrotte you with your own sock. Should they take you hostage, I should warn that very few escape their clutches. Just go along with what they say. It's a lot easier.

Bearsuit – Team Ping Pong (Fantastic Plastic)
Finally righteousness is restored and the lost debut LP ‘In Charge Of Meats’ is in our eager mitts, retitled ‘Team Ping Pong’ but with the original cover print. Within it, Bearsuit collect their first EPs (along with more recent singlette ‘Chargr’) and show exactly what got punters (like this one) into such a rabid fit back in the summer of 2002. Rushing headlong into the murderous tantrum that is ‘Drinkink’ (incidently, the finest single ever made. Ever. Fact.), there is precious let-up thereafter from Bearsuit’s rosy-cheeked Jekkyl continually pirouetting through red-eyed Hyde. They occupy the saloon door space between the blood and teeth flying amongst a brawl and the 2 ponies chewing straw outside. FYI, they started the brawl, and stole the ponies (but looked after them and fed them everyday). Spanning cardiganed-twee through elbow-flailing sweaty hardcore, they invent, they squeal, they grow pigtails, they pull pigtails, and come up with concrete cyclone genius like ‘Busy Needles’. Gawd bless.

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