Monday, 9 March 2009

Err, Shep's shed?

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Hobo in my pocket #24

From the Vanity Project archive (VP18, May 2006)

Liverpool Barfly Loft. 16mar06.

Immediately the beats are sharp, the vocals as staccato as the rhythms. Shitdisco perform high power new-wave post-funk combining two basses and guitar as sophisticatedly waspish as a Kenneth Williams rejoinder. Two members share the lead vocal duties, and both take it in turns to occupy themselves during instrumental breaks by standing tall upon the bass-drum. They can be a happy-hardcore style shot in the arm to post-punk and pre-surf, they are a burst, a happening splurge a rumblin' set-to that fills as many faces as dancefloors. The sound is impressively eager, irrepressible even, forcing muscles into less of a jerk and more a rolling oscillation, ‘I Know Kung Fu' inspiring a particular burst of energy among the small but appreciative Barfly punterage. There’s barely a let up in the BPM, even their ballad soon morphs into something to keep the ankles supple. They fly about, barely contained, one of the bassists causing an amp stack to topple as he does. “We’re usually more shambolic than this...we run a tight ship" says the guitarist adding, with impeccable timing, “We’re Shitdisco by the way, that should be obvious."

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