Monday, 9 February 2009

Dinamo Zagreb B

Well, I'm assuming this second pitch with its own seats tucked under the east stand of the main Maksimir Stadion would be used by their stiffs anyway. Will update if I find out different.

Hobo in my pocket #23

Previously on Dub Steps
Maksimir Stadion, Zagreb

from the Vanity Project archive.

The Magic Band
Highbury Garage. 28jun04

I can see all the arguments against this. Sure, a Magic Band without its Captain [Beefheart] is not quite the draw it could be, but with Don Van Vliet now 22 years into musical retirement, some of us younger fans now get to at least glimpse the majesty of live Magic. Besides, to cast this reunion aside as a glorified tribute act is to devalue the players’ contribution to the music as, despite some perceptions, this was no one-man show. However at no stage did this current formation perform together on stage or in the studio with the Captain. While Mark ‘Rockette Morton’ Boston and John ‘Drumbo’ French both had long associations, including the ‘Trout Mask Replica’ experience, Gary ‘Mantis’ Lucas enters through the ‘Ice Cream For Crow’ back door and Denny ‘Feelers Rebo’ Walley fits snugly between the eras. This however adds strength as, with perhaps the exception of debut single ‘Diddy Wah Diddy’, there is some personal involvement with each tune. What really startles (and this should not affect the view of the Captain’s genius) is that John French does not just offer a pale imitation behind the mic, rather that his vocals magnificently mirror the Captain’s strength and range. This is none more evident than when, as Rockette Morton changes a bass string, Drumbo fills the void with stirring unaccompanied hobo poetry a la Van Vliet. The music sounds pristine also with ‘Trout Mask”’ stuff, like ‘Steal Softly Thru Snow’, making a lot more sense when heard live. All very impressive, but when ‘Electricity’ kicks in, when ‘The Floppy Boot Stomp’ rises from nowhere, when they hit the coda of ‘Circumstances’ OH MY F***** GOD! What makes this gig stand out for me is that usually the morning after a great show, the whole experience feels forever gone and perhaps with hindsight was not as amazing as the atmosphere made it. However this gig continues to augment itself in my mind as it all clicks together to just how extraordinary it was. Typical of all things magic I suppose.

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