Wednesday, 14 September 2005


If you'll pardon the self-indulgence, now follows three parts of a kind of personal history of my association with cricket.

A tale of a love found, lost and regained between two very distinct landmarks.

This Ashes summer has been a very emotional rollercoaster, and sport can have a weird and profound effect. This series certainly has on me, particularly in the manner with which it has enveloped my life pretty much for the last 2 months and as such has inspired this biography of my relationship with the gentleman's game.

To make it easier to digest, it is in 3 parts but you can still scroll down from here to read them.

Or link from here

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3

meanwhile, an appraisal of the Ashes achievement occurs here

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Anonymous said...

I really enjoy this blog, it's good to know there are some fellow lower-league obsessives/cricket fans around.

You can thank the boys at 'Black and White and Read All Over' for directing me here, and I'm very glad they did. Ta for the reciprocal link!

Just about got over the Ashes drama now, and looking forward to the Pakistani series already. You sum the experience up very well in your three articles. I'm toying with the idea of saving up for the Cricket World Cup in the West Indies in 2007- the away trip to end all away trips.

Beats back to back journeys to the Shire and Cowden, anyway. :(

Regards, and keep writing, "Steeplejack"